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La Martina Handbags at Fashionette: Country Chic for Every Day

La Martina has been known for its fashion label since the 1970s. The label is especially distinguished when it comes to equestrian sport. The brand is an official supplier of polo sport supplies for polo clubs worldwide. Polo equipment aside, the brand brings elegant accessories and leather goods to the fashion world. La Martina handbags are sportive and chic. They are an absolute must-have for fashionista’s with functional and simplistic tastes. Crafted under the highest quality standards, the Argentinian handbags are the perfect companion for the every-day woman.

Not only for polo fans: La Martina Handbags as timeless companions

Countryside chic is what distinguishes La Martina handbags from the rest. Timeless creations that do not reform to trends define the La Martina brand. The handbags showcase timeless style, elegance, and authenticity. They’ll prove to be a great companion for a long time to come. Are you in love with classical La Martina handbags? You may want to take a look at our other timeless brands including Boss Black, Tod´s or Roeckl. If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team at 0800 240 44 30.

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