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Versace Handbags & accessories

Gianni Versace – the master of fashion stagecraft. Both the label and the designer’s life were similarly spectacular. The master designer founded his label in Italy in 1978. Opulent gowns, brilliant colors, luxuriant patterns, and the closeness to pure art were what made him hit it big – and stay that way. Versace’s designs took their cues from every conceivable style of art, making his collections so distinctively beautiful. In the 1980s he brought his sister Donatella into the company.

Gianni Versace – death of a legend

After Gianni Versace was mysteriously shot in Miami in 1997, his sister quickly took over the successful company. Versace remained a cult brand, with the glamorous designer casting everyone under her spell. Today she is the creative director of Versace, and her daughter Allegra has come into her inheritance at the young age of 18. Versace has been going in new directions since 2007. The luxury and sensuality have remained while the collections have become more accessible. The same applies to sumptuous Versace handbags. Versace Collection handbags embody the glamorous and luxurious look of the label in an understated way. Each new season of the Versace Collection skillfully puts luxury on center stage. Versace Collection handbags accompany their owners with the traditional Versace flair as they make their way through their metropolises of the world.

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