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Classical Styles for Every Day: Tod’s Handbags at fashionette

Lady Diana always knew what was best. She was famous for her modern style and was already wearing the Tod’s D-Bag on her arm in the 90s, attracting a lot of attention. Her daughter-in-law, Kate, has followed her lead and goes for the classical chic of the Italian label. And what is worthy of British royalty is surely a must have for every style-savvy lady. Clean chic is what makes the brand one-of-a-kind. There is no large label-print cloaking the elegant handbags and no flashy patterns adorning the high-class leather, because for Tod’s, understatement is the key. That is exactly what makes the brand so popular. The focus has been concentrated especially on the unique quality of the handbags for over 100 years.

Royal Chic for Every Day with our Elegant Tod’s Handbags

The assortment of Tod’s reaches from casually elegant shoes to exclusive and dapper handbags. Modern shopping queens have admired the brand for many years and never miss the chance to acquire a handbag from the lines latest collection. The brand carries an elegant and traditional feel, which is showcased in every quality handbag piece.

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