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Bvlgari Sunglasses at Fashionette

Pure luxury, diamonds, glamour and high society – all these words that can be used to describe the brand Bulgari. The Italian luxury label was founded in 1884 and is a textbook example of a family company. Bulgari has been passed down throughout the generations and is now a world-famous brand. Their new collections and irresistible handbags are available in over 360 shops in 40 countries. The Greek Sotirios Voulgaris founded Bulgari in Rome and opened his first shop there. Bulgari has everything the heart desires, ranging from accessories and perfumes to handbags. If it’s not glamorous and regal, it just won’t do. Quality and exclusivity are top priority at Bulgari, two features which characterize their hotly coveted handbags. Bulgari handbags can be found on the arms of celebs like Emma Roberts, Halle Berry, and Miranda Kerr.

The Bulgari Connection

In 2002 Bulgari commissioned a novel, which raised the company's profile even further. The label offers even more considerable variety, with Bulgari even having hotels and restaurants. Bulgari is not fixed in any one direction, but is always impressing its audiences with new creative ideas. The same applies to their wide array of Bulgari handbags. These handbags have breathed new life into the Bulgari success story. A permanent fixture on the fashion scene, Bulgari handbags are made of the finest materials and are a must-have for every fashion aficionado. These enchanting accessories are the very definition of luxury and passion for inimitable quality. Bulgari is a trendsetter that also offers timeless elegance. The same is true for Bulgari bags as well as for Bulgari sunglasses from the current collection. The label points the way ahead and has successfully made its way through the fashion jungle. These handbags have breathed new life into the Bulgari success story, and we’re excited to see what will come next. We’re most excited about the latest collection of Bulgari handbags. For more information about Bulgari bags, feel free to call our customer service at 0852503898. Discover Bulgari and many other exclusive designers like Prada, Burberry, Gucci and Abro.