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Ray-Ban Sunglasses for womens at Fashionette

Everyone reaches for their Ray-Bans as soon as the first glimpse of sunlight emerges from the sky. In the fashion capitals of the world, these luxury sunglasses are an indelible part of the cityscape. The label has devoted itself to creating true fashion highlights: stylish Ray-Ban sunglasses characterized by the excellent optical features of their lenses.

Ray-Ban Glasses for womens – Protection from the Sun’s Rays

Suitably, Ray-Ban literally means protection from the sun’s rays. The label was founded in 1937 as the subsidiary of a manufacturer for medical and optical devices. Ray-Ban sunglasses quickly became an instant success. One of the most recognized models is Ray-Ban “Aviators”. These pilot sunglasses with their skinny gold frame and green lenses have a transparency of only 15%. Another world-famous Ray-Ban design is the “Wayfarer.” They enjoyed their breakthrough in the 1950s thanks in part to musician Buddy Holly and the film “Blues Brothers”, becoming an absolute must-have. Delve into the new Ray-Ban collection and get inspired by the legendary quality and timelessly modern designs. The variety is truly bewitching, and it’s not always easy to decide which model is the best.

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