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Ted Baker Bags & Accessories

Feminine, romantic and always with a winking eye - that's the best way to describe the creations of British Brand Ted Baker. Having made a name for himself as a men’s shirt specialist at an early age, Ray Kelvin founded the label in Glasgow, Scotland in 1987. His collections now include a women's and men's line, handbags, shoes, accessories - even dishes and bed linen! Often adorned with romantic bows or wrapped in snazzy prints, the label’s handbags captivate above all with traditional British craftsmanship and the highest quality standards.

Ted Baker Handbags - No Ordinary Designer Label

Can a company become an internationally successful renowned brand, without the use of advertising campaigns? Ted Baker sure can! And successful they became. The British fashion house has always renounced the use of conventional advertising and relies instead on word of mouth advertising and extraordinary actions. Ted Baker proves his famous, original sense of humor time and time again. Be it giveaways of chocolate Easter bunny stew at Easter, boxes with turkey filling at Christmas, or an exciting espionage short directed by Guy Ritchie - there's nothing ordinary about this label. Even at the beginning, Ray Kelvin surprised his customers with special promotions. For example, he offered a free laundry service for every shirt purchased. Word travels fast and in no time the brand found itself nicknamed "No Ordinary Designer Label". In 2016, the label excited with the social media campaign "Cabinet of Curiosities". Users were able to discover curiosities, i.e. pieces from the new collection, between objects from all over the world via hints on the Ted Baker Instagram account. If a curiosity was found, the user could take a picture and use the hashtag #Wonders to become part of the campaign.

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