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Dr. Martens shoes – a clear fashion statement

The comfortable footwear from Dr. Martens can be worn all year round and goes with any outfit. The casual lace-up boots or Chelsea boots with lining are perfect for winter, but without lining they are of course also a real eye-catcher all year round, whereas the Dr. Martens sandals or slides give your look that certain something, especially on hot summer days. Because the heel loop and the elegant design stand out, Dr. Martens boots in particular make a clear fashion statement with their iconic shape. The motto here is: often copied but never equalled. Whether 8-holed like the Dr. Martens 1460 or 10-holed like the Dr. Martens Jadons – the British footwear can be stylish, casual, classic and also rocky. Only the original looks this good! It’s no wonder that such a cool-looking shoe became a real statement against the establishment and for self-realisation from the 1980s onwards. Doc Martens are still an expression of individuality and coolness today.

Dr. Martens Boots for everybody!

Although the Dr. Martens company was founded in London in 1947, the shoe was previously developed by the German doctor Klaus Märtens. The man who gave Doc Martens its name designed the first prototype of the Dr. Martens Boots as a more comfortable alternative for the working class. The special feature of the shoes was the bouncy sole. This “AirWair Bouncing Sole” still gives Dr. Martens shoes a high comfort advantage over many conventional footwear. At times, the shoes were also very popular in the punk scene, where they were often sprayed on and customised. Today, Dr. Martens are available in so many shapes, colours and variations that they no longer need to be redesigned, because something beautiful can be found for every foot. But even then, it is always up to you how you prefer to wear your Doc Martens shoes! What’s more? Thanks to their yellow Goodyear welt stitching, Doc Martens have enormous stability and quality.

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