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Hej og velkommen: Watches by Skagen Denmark at fashionette

Time is a fundamental constant for any individual. It took thousands of years to this very day until time was enabled to be displayed to us in all its various appearances. From ancient times to medieval times to our modern days, clocks thoroughly have been and still are omnipresent companions and a manifested part of our everyday lives. These days, as times goes goes quicker and new traditions replace old ones, a town in the most northern part of Denmark still holds on to their beautiful traditions: Skagen, a small fishing town, serves both as as the birthplace and inspiration for Skagen Denmark, one of the world's most successful manufacture of watches. What started back in the 1990s with Charlotte and Henrik Jorst manufacturing premium-quality watches in their basement, has now become an established designer brand within its industry.

Skagen Watches for women with a Unique Character

Watches by Skagen Denmark stand for their distinctive timelessness. The Danish brand's manufactures provide an everlasting elegance, quality and consistency, proven by every move of the clockworks. At the same time Skagen Denmark watches represent the old and traditional handwork of the name-giving town. Despite the label's attribute of being a contemporary lifestyle brand, no Skagen product misses a decent attitude. The products guarantee a clear, straightforward, and clean style that don't lack functionality. Valuable and consistent materials such as stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, or fine genuine leather are used an can be found throughout all collections of the brand. Nomen est omen: Skagen Watches As Special Jewellery It's not just the merits and the timeless consistency that are most important to the Danish-American designer label: it's also the excellence, the exceptional. The brand's name speaks for itself since "Skagen" is an Old Nordic expressions which means "outstanding". This is probably more than just a coincidence. By wearing a product by Skagen Denmark you get access to an extraordinary and outstanding accessory. If you have a weakness for [exclusive watche](/watches Designer Watches")s you definitely should have a closer look at our assortment. If you should have any further questions call 0852503898. Our customer service is pleased to help you.