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Calvin Klein Handbags & Accessories

From the broke son of a Jewish immigrant to the owner of one of the greatest fashion empires – the success story of Calvin Klein is uniquely American. He had his breakthrough with his unforgettable lingerie line and the provocative ad campaign that went along with it. His denim creations and legendary photos also helped make him a permanent fixture in the fashion world. The sexy advertising slogan of 15-year old Brooke Shields is likewise unforgettable: “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.” Calvin Klein became a cult brand with its wonderfully unkempt models that celebrated a cool, casual look.

Calvin Klein handbags and more – clean chic is his passion

Calvin Klein is a self-confessed purist, and Calvin Klein handbags declare their support for femininity without resorting to exaggerated baubles. They come across as high-quality, elegant, and style-driven and are easy to combine with any casual outfit or perhaps a more elegant choice. Each new Calvin Klein collection highlights the refinement of stylish handbags with only minimalistic stylistic devices. Calvin Klein bags enchant the world with their elegant, uncomplicated big city flair. Calvin Klein handbags are a fixture on the high street of every major city the world over.

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