Alla Sala

Purses & Wallets in Every Color & Shape

What’s a girl to do with her money when she is not spending it? Simply crumpling it up in your pants pocket isn’t really the best solution. Thank goodness there are so many lovely purses (or wallets in American English) in great colors, shapes, and designs. It’s not always easy to choose one! At Fashionette you’ll find top designs by many well-known designers – designers who have also created beautiful ladies’ purses and wallets just for you. Are you looking for a small money pouch/coin purse or perhaps even a larger version with countless compartments? Regardless of what you’re on the hunt for, you alone can decide how to best carry around your plastic, ID, and cash.

Designer Wallets & Purses: a Stylish Accessory

A beautiful wallet or purse can always be a source of joy, especially when you consider how many times a day you use it. Starting with your morning croissant or coffee to go, you use your wallet countless times each day. It’s up to you how to organize the contents of your purse. Fill it with countless cards and small mementos or simply with the money you need – with so many models to choose from, you’ll have no problems keeping your things in order, which, as everyone knows, is half the battle.