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Not everyone knows what Karl Lagerfeld has to do with condensed milk. Karl Lagerfeld came from a well-heeled family, since his father was responsible for bringing canned condensed milk to Europe. In 1952, he travelled to Paris with his mother and learned the tailoring practice under the tutelage of Pierre Balmain. In 1963, he became a freelance designer and rocked a full grown beard. He joined the fashion house, Chloé, and helped the brand rise to international success. He then conquered Fendi and Chanel. He contributed his imaginative ideas to the most renowned and versatile labels. It was only in 1984 that he founded his own brand, Karl Lagerfeld. One of the main characteristics of Lagerfeld is the freedom to work without the confinements of one particular style. His fashion ideas are developed in all directions, which result in diverse and extraordinary fashion pieces.

Karl Lagerfeld as a photographer

Lagerfeld has also made a name for himself as a photographer. He shoots his own campaigns and creates portraits of the famous. In 1996, his work was recognized by the German Society of Photography and he was bestowed with their arts prize. Karl Lagerfeld is a true workaholic. He has succeeded in making a brand unto itself: he’s well-known for a strict lifestyle of early rising, no alcohol, his rapid style of speech, and of course, his ponytail. His ubiquitous handheld silk fans were another one of his trademarks. In 2003, he reinvented himself as a bit of a radical; he can now be spotted wearing biker gloves paired with a well-tailored shirt. Discover his wonderfully authentic style with each new Lagerfeld bag collection. Order the elegant Karl Lagerfeld handbags online here at Fashionette.

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