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Ralph Lauren’s success story began with the famous polo shirt, which perfectly captures the essence of American sporty chic in an elite way. In 1967, Ralph Lauren acquired the Polo brand and then founded the business, Polo Fashions. The polo shirt gained traction as early as the 80s, when it became a must-have item for the US upper-class. His fashions became a symbol of the beautiful and the rich.

Ralph Lauren – First, there was a tie collection...

Ralph Lauren’s first collection was a tie collection. But it didn’t stay that way for long, and today the label is one of the most well-known and profitable fashion empires in the world. The label currently runs nearly twenty men’s lines and fifteen women’s lines, including Polo Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Collection – not to mention the cosmetics and perfumes that belong to their product offerings. Although the style has developed over the years through various new fashion lines, the basis of each new Ralph Lauren collection always remains the same: timelessly elite. Whether it’s a Ralph Lauren bag or Ralph Lauren sunglasses, the look is always regal and style-driven. With Polo Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Collection, the label doesn’t just create mere clothing – it creates a lifestyle.

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