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Get a Little Bit of Brit Chic with Vivienne Westwood Handbags

Vivienne Westwood invented punk street style in the seventies that is still witnessed in the streets of our biggest cities today. Born in a small British town, Vivienne started to design clothes for herself and for her sons because she could not afford buying them. After meeting Malcom McLaren, they opened the boutique “SEX” in London, where they sold fetish clothes. Moreover, when McLaren became manager of the infamous band, Sex Pistols, together with Vivienne Westwood he created their iconic image. But the eccentric Brit refuses to commit to one style.

Vivienne Westwood Handbags: Very British

Vivienne Westwood handbags toy with British stylistic elements. The Scottish checked pattern she often uses is very eye-catching. In addition, the classy combination of the orb and Saturn ring, the emblem of the brand which can be found on all of the Vivienne Westwood handbags, alludes to the British Empire. Or does she want to crown herself as the queen of British fashion with this symbol? Decide for yourself and give your outfit the perfect does of extravagance with a Vivienne Westwood handbag. For further information about our Vivienne Westwood handbags, please contact our customer service team at 0800 240 44 30. Apart from Vivienne Westwood, there are many other cool designer handbags to explore at Fashionette; so take a look at some of our other luxurious brands including Alexander Wang, Burberry, Moschino or Stella McCartney.