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Bally Handbags & Accessories

It was the fascination surrounding a very special shoe that made the Bally brand what it is today. According to legend, the heir of the Swiss Bally rubber band and suspenders factory came across a shoe in Paris that he just couldn’t get off his mind. In 1851, the factory was transformed into a manufacturing facility for shoes. Bally shoes quickly became an instant success on the luxury market. It was only in 1976 that Bally handbags, Bally clothing, and other leather accessories were first added to their product line, a move that was also met with great success.

150 years of quality with Bally Handbags

From the beginning on, this VIP label has focused on using the finest materials, the best quality, and top craftsmanship. Bally creates luxury handbags for the highest of standards – classic, elegant, and forever valuable. Timeless style, discreet designs, and so distinctive – Bally offers luxury with just the right amount of understatement. Elegant and regal designs with luxury down to the last detail – that’s the successful concept behind distinctive Bally handbags. Have a look at the Bally collection and pick out a Bally handbag or a matching wallet in our Online-Shop.

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