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Coccinelle Handbags & Accessories on sale at fashionette

This Italian apparel company is staying true to its name: Coccinelle means “ladybug” and conveys a similar casualness and seductive lightheartedness. The luxury label was founded in 1987 in Sala Baganza, in the province of Parma, and is primarily known for its high quality bags infused with wonderfully self-assured Italian style. Coccinelle handbags, Coccinelle wallets, and Coccinelle purses are produced from the finest leathers and come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. This makes popular Coccinelle handbags great for both work and play. Their uncomplicated yet so typically Italian appearance is what makes them so distinctive.

Coccinelle handbags – confident style & quality

The label stands for self-confident Italian style and luxurious quality, two things that make each new Coccinelle collection so popular all across Europe. When it comes to price, high-quality Coccinelle wallets, purses, and eye-catching Coccinelle handbags are fortunately in the middle range, making them affordable for any woman with self-assured style. Coccinelle is the marvelous Italian label that can make a style statement at everyday occasions as well as at your next big event. Coccinelle skillfully balances elegance and sportiness, always taking chances with each unique new collection. Even fans of bright colors can find what they’re looking for here, as the Coccinelle label enjoys playing with a palette of brilliant summer colors – naturally style-oriented and on the highest level: that’s Coccinelle.

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