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Marjana von Berlepsch Bracelets and Necklaces

Marjana von Berlepsch, a designer hailing from Munich, unveiled her first jewelry collection in 2003 under the name “Noble Accessories.” “Noble” hits the nail on the head indeed. Her jewelry is made from the finest materials and is only available in exclusive shops around the world. Fashion fans soon began clamoring for her creations, and hip fashion magazines were paying homage to pieces of her jewelry collection on their glossy pages. Not all that astonishing, considering that Marjana von Berlepsch was once a fashion editor at the German and Spanish Vogue and has a confident style like no other.

Marjana von Berlepsch jewelry – “Fashion-conscious, but not gaudy or disguised”

This motto is reflected in her designs of elegant bracelets and necklaces. Her accessories are the perfect addition on any occasion. Luxurious designed bracelets and necklaces are the trademark of Marjana von Berlepsch, but it is very important to her that a piece of jewelry is never over the top. A woman’s jewelry should not dominate her outfit, but highlight and adorn it instead. This is one of the pillars of her design philosophy, which one can easily see in her creations. Crafted with ultimate style, Marjana von Berlepsch bracelets or necklaces go with simple every-day-looks as well as elegant evening outfits.

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