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För alla dem som letar efter en handväska som håller modet även om 10 år...
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It Bag – The most coveted designer bag

The Alexa by Mulberry, the Anita by Saint Laurent, the Birkin by Hérmes – It Bags and It Girls literally go hand in hand. But even without a prominent namesake some bags just reach this magnificent, covetable status of It Bag. It all depends on the zeitgeist.

The one and only – Bags with that certain something

A couple of years ago it might have been crucial to associate an It Bag with a special girl. Nowadays unique design is far more important. Take, for example, the Puzzle Bag by Loewe. Made of what seems like different geometric shapes – nobody quite saw a bag like this before. Still it’s a huge success. Especially paired with the streamlined Scandi Style, this bag really adds that certain something. That is what makes an It Bag. Mansur Gavriel also operates under the motto “less is more”. Their Bucket Bag has absolutely no unnecessary decoration and really is “just” a classic bucket bag. Only the red lining of the bag is an eyecatcher. Style Stars like Kirsten Dunst and Sienna Miller fell for this luxury bag very early and another It Bag was born.

Thanks to Gucci, opulence is back in fashion and even bags that don’t have demur designs can become It Bags again. Gucci itself currently has two bags in the running: Dionysus – named after the greek god of wine, joy and ecstasy – and Marmont. This ones trademark is the artfull quilting.

A brand that seems to have infinite It Bag status is Chloé. This french house comes up with new bags every season that make fashion lovers declare themselves #chloegirls.

But it doesn’t always have to be Haute Couture. At Fashionette you can also discover small labels that might cater your next It Bag. Take a look at Agneel and Salar, for example.