Proof of genuineness

Of course, all products offered are original designer products. We obtain our products directly from the designer brands themselves or from merchants, who are officially authorized to sell these in mandate of the brand.

Extraordinary product quality

All our products are assembled with prime quality materials. Strict quality measurements guarantee that our products are in an impeccable condition.

Best Prices

Fashionette promises to offer the best price on all of our handbags and accessories in your country meaning that you will never have to pay more than the retail price. Should you ever notice a merchant selling a product at a cheaper price than we do, Fashionette will reimburse the differential amount.

Conditions for the best price guarantee to apply

  • The product is identical to the product purchased from Fashionette (size, colour, material, features, etc…)
  • Our best price guarantee applies within the first 14 days of your order confirmed
  • The merchant offering your product at a cheaper price has its headquarters in your country
  • The respecting product is available and can be bought at the moment (delivery within 3 working days)
  • Offers made by an online auction house, such as ebay, are not considered for the best price guarantee
  • The differential amount of the competing offer must be higher than 1€
  • The best price guarantee does not apply to vouchers given by the competing merchant

If you wish to benefit from our best price offer guarantee, please send evidence of the competing offer either via e-mail to or via telephone at +44 2034 9905 41. We will review the competing offer and in the case of positive verification, we will reimburse the differential amount.