How to Tend to Your Designer Handbags – Our Most Important Tips and Tricks

How to Tend to Your Designer Handbags – Our Most Important Tips and Tricks

Before you put your designer handbag to use for the very first time, you should read our tips and tricks, so that your designer piece is sure to receive all the care it needs and stays as beautiful as it is for a very long time.

Step 1: Treat Your Designer Handbag

Before its first outing, you should treat your handbag, so that it can absorb water or dirt. Protection sprays, lotions, and creams can be bought for reasonable prices and should be applied every sixth week, so that the absorbing effect will stay intact. When applying the protecting product, less is more, because if you use too much, it could harm the leather more than you think. Instead of using a high dosage, rather use less and apply it more often.

You should always store your handbag in its dust bag, because otherwise, if you store it in a plastic bag for example, or any other impermeable material, moisture can get trapped in the bag and destroy your handbag material.

Step 2: How to Clean Leather Handbags

Should your leather handbag have gotten damp for some reason or the other, water stains will appear quickly. In that case, you should pat your designer handbag with paper towels, so that they can absorb the moisture from the leather. Please avoid UV light and heat, since those factors can cause the quality of the leather to become impaired. Never put your leather handbag on a heater since that creates the risk of handbag deformity or the leather drying out and undergoing breakage.

If there is a stain on your precious designer bag, please don’t panic – there are quite a few ways to get rid of it. Try to erase the stain with a special cleaning sponge or with an eraser designed for leather goods. Before using either one of those tools, you should test them out on an inconspicuous location on your handbag to examine the effects that the product has on the leather material.

An absolute no go for cleaning your handbag or getting rid of stains is nail polish remover. This solution is very aggressive and the chemicals may end up doing more harm than good. The chemical applicants may not only enlarge the stain, but destroy the leather altogether.

Step 3: How to Attend to Different Kinds of Leather

With different kinds of leathers come different kinds of cleaning methods:

Smooth Leather

For smooth leathers you should use a special conditioning lotion, so that the leather stays smooth and flexible. This lotion will additionally shield from UV-light and hence, prevents the handbag from bleaching. Alternatively, you may use a cream instead of a lotion. It has the same effects, but as the name states, cream is less liquid and therefore, easier to apply. But remember that you should never apply an excessive amount of either product. If you use too much, stains could develop, as leather is very much like the human skin and can only induct a certain amount of liquid. The surplus will stay on the surface of the leather and may even stain your clothes.

Full-grain Leather

Suede, velour, or nubuck leathers all belong to full-grain leather. These kinds of leather are especially sensitive and need special care. Therefore, be sure to protect your full-grain leather handbags with a protective spray every six weeks. As for cleaning the handbag, you should use a brush instead of a cream.

Small stains and light soiling can easily be scrubbed off. For bigger stains you should use a special eraser for full-grain leather.

Please note: You should never use water and soap for cleaning a full-grain leather handbag. Water and leather are usually never a good combination and utilizing this method could worsen the stains.

Patent Leather

Patent leather handbags are very undemanding. You do not have to treat them with any sprays or creams as the leather itself is very durable and does not require any extra care. The reason for this is mainly because the real leather is hidden beneath a shiny coating. Therefore, in this case, grease won´t do much good other than smearing pointlessly on the surface of the handbag. In most cases, a wet cloth will suffice in getting rid of stains or soils.

Caution is required when it comes to storing a patent leather bag, as patent leather tends to happily suck up other dyes. Please always store your handbag in its dust bag and never place it next to different colored textiles or apparel, so that it will not bleed off.


Canvas handbags do not exactly belong to the category of leather handbags, but should still be tended to carefully. The cotton, from which canvas handbags are made, is very robust. Nevertheless, if you discover a stain on your canvas bag, conventional home remedies, such as a wet sponge or mild soap, can be used to clean it.